It was a single church sermon about Jonah that sparked an idea, which grew to become this restaurant.

And, like the prophet Jonah, the path that lead me to establishing Jonah's Fish & Grits was neither straight nor easy.  This is our story.

Over 2,000 years ago, the prophet Jonah was given special instructions from God. However, he chose to run from this calling and sailed in the opposite direction. A great storm threatened his boat, and Jonah knew the only hope was to be thrown into the sea.

Yet, God had mercy on Jonah and sent a great fish to save him.

Jonah’s experience with the storm and whale renewed his life. It both set him in the right direction and gave him a perspective of humility and perseverance that he could not have gained elsewhere but through a season of suffering. Eventually, this experience lead to saving an entire city (from King down to peasant) from destruction.  

Similarly, it has been through tragedy and struggles, including losing my mom, fighting and surviving cancer, and the consequences of poor choices in college, that set the course of my life towards something greater. Even while working in various positions in the food industry, I never dreamed of opening my own restaurant.

However, being “swallowed by a few whales” allowed me to discover God’s restoration and purpose for my life.

We all make mistakes, have trials, and go through times of suffering. But, there always remains forgiveness and hope in Jesus. My prayer is that you will experience something more than great food and service at Jonah’s. Thank you for the opportunity to serve you today.

Caleb Brown, Founder